THE Cycle Challenge


Wheelsforrotary was created to host an annual cycle challenge with the intention of bringing Hungerford even closer to its twinned town of Ligueil in France by forming a common cycling bond, while also raising awareness and funds for worthy causes.  The inaugural ride was in 2013 consisting of just 6-riders plus two support crew drivers. At the time of writing, funds raised on that ride were in excess of £4000.

The Causes

The purpose of the ride is [in conjunction with the Hungerford Rotary] to raise: – as much money as we possibly can for two worthy causes, one international and one local. Each year, the ride nominates the two beneficiaries for that years challenge. For 2014, it has been agreed that Bruce Trust Barges will again be the local beneficiary while the international cause for 2014 will be War Child.

The Challenge is on:

To cycle [taking a week to do it] from Hungerford to Ligueil and back while enjoying the fantastic countryside of England and France, in particular, the Loire Valley. Ride 2014 will also be The Ride To Remember, recognising the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings. <> If you feel that you might like to take part in this event, then please do let us know (this does not commit you) and we’ll add you to the mailing list.

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6 thoughts on “THE Cycle Challenge

  1. Penny

    I’ll find some pictures of Ligueil for you.

  2. danybosek

    Great idea, I will spread the word around in Ligueil!

  3. Further to chatting to Nick, this has been put on the events page on The Bears website also on the facebook and twitter sites for The Bear and The Hungerford Big Business Breakfast and on my own oh and i also popped in on the Hungerford Facebook page🙂 oh and Linked In! would love to do it but i am totally unfit and it is wedding season! good luck though

  4. No problem, may be worth asking Penny who runs the penny post to see if she will put it in the Newsletter (she has already re tweeted it🙂 )

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